Who are we ?

The SIET unites his members, and takes actions on join projects as

SIET , Union of water treatment equipment manufacturer, is a professional association , bringing together manufacturers and service providers  processing as suppliers of water treatment manufacturers and water analysis equipments.

The SIET unites his members, and takes actions on join projects as :

  • Representing its members in dealings with public and private institutions in France and Europe
  • Defending the interests of the profession and promoting its line of work
  • Taking part in the updating of regulations and standards with public health and environmental protection as the prime objective
  • Supporting innovation and promoting information networking
  • Publishing technical data sheets on topics concerning its sector

Leading edge water treatment technologies

The members of Siet work in the design, manufacture, sales and maintenance of equipment used in water treatment and/or analysis, such as:

  • filters: sand, diatomite, activated carbon filters, etc.
  • aerators, agitators, mixers, flocculators, etc.floatation units, grease removers, etc.
  • clarifiers, lamella separators, etc.
  • chlorination, dechlorination equipment, etc.
  • ozone generators,
  • ultraviolet systems,
  • membrane systems for microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis
  • ion exchangers for water softening, denitriding, decarbonation, etc.
  • water treatment product addition and dosing systems
  • equipment for on-demand or continuous water analysis


These leading-edge technologies are used in the production of drinking water, domestic hot water, process water (industrial water, cooling water, etc.), swimming pool water, and the treatment of urban and industrial wastewater.

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